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Hello, my name is Jennifer and I am your local Activ Web Designer for Worcester and the local areas of Tenbury Wells, Ludlow & Leominster.

Please get in touch if you think I can help.

Do you need help with Video Editing

for Professional or Personal use?

Do you have a personal story you want to tell through video?

I have always loved the idea of family videos for posterity - something to watch in years to come that can evoke emotions & trigger memories of a time gone by. When you look back and see just how quick the children have grown up or how much your life has changed without even noticing.

It's not about being nostalgic and living in the past, it's about saving and enjoying the here and now (why else would we bother to film anything?).



Do you need help with a Marketing or Corporate Video?

Video is everywhere these days and every business should be using it to promote their business online. Not every business though can afford it's own marketing department so if you think I might be able to help your company with a project then please get in touch.


Video Editing Prices
Prices will vary depending on the work involved and will be quoted on accordingly

N.b. The quality of the final edit will be determined by the quality of the footage provided.

  • Special Event Video

  • Anniversary or End of an Era

  • Family Holiday or Adventure

  • Surprise

  • Family History





  • Facebook Video

  • Youtube Video

  • Promotional Video

  • Presentation Video

  • Website Video


"Capturing children's Primary School memories is not an easy task. Working with Jennifer's personable and imaginative expertise, the production of a "Leaver's Video" was easy, fantastic fun and fundamentally lead and designed by the children. The video was created quickly and efficiently in order for the children to have lasting memories. Almost a year on, the video is still a hit on YouTube for pupils and parents!"

Laura Farr - Primary School Teacher

"We approached Jen @activ web design in the hope that she could produce a video for our daughters GCSE sports moderation. Jen spent time with our daughter Izzy going through all the clips and photos (there were 100’s) she had taken and listened to what Izzy wanted to achieve from the video. They spent time organising the order and then Jen worked her magic! The final video was just amazing, she had gone above and beyond Izzy’s and our expectations so much so Izzy was speechless! The music that Jen had used to accompany the video just fitted so well. We can’t thank Jen enough for taking the stress out of what would of been a nightmare."

Nicki Griffiths

Personal Projects

Professional Projects